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its been awhile since ive been on have been busy hanging out with a hottie hahahaha

u kno wht bothers me being a grl and having to think about evrything like last night i thought hey i like this guy he likes me.. we di everything a relationship would be like but y arent we dating..and it made me think hey maybe im not good enough or he really doesnt think of me like tht but thn my guy side of me was like wow ur dumb stop thinking like a grl ahhahahahah :D

ugh im so pissy and i shouldnt evn care but i cant help it…im not gna say names but i hate ppl sometimes.. they act like there ur friend and hangout with u all the time but if u like someone and they like u the first thing they do is ignore u and the person u like…itss so immature..i hate the fact tht 2 of my friends r so immature tht they ignore my txts and ignore me and dont evn look at me whn i walk by and all they talk about now is weed whn they should be focusing on other things but there too cool for tht so they just sit home and smoke alll day..not trying to be a hipocrit but they do it every day well one of thm says tht they do whn we all now the other one does…i swear i could kill ppl so frustrated with this bullshit drama whn they shouldnt even care and get over thm selves but thts there nature they nvr will b/c there immature and fuccking retarded…plus ive asked thm about this shit ive talked to thm but their pussys cause they cant say anything to my face but only behind my back to eachother so u kno wht i give up on trying to make things work and in the end theyll feel like the idiots and be wanting to be friends again so fuck thm im done with this drama its ridiculous

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